Privacy Policy

Samzec firmly believes in our users’ right to privacy. We do not collect or share user data without consent. In the unlikely scenario of doing so, we will only use it for a better user experience on our online platform.

Samzec Privacy Values:

Our privacy values are driven by our mission. That is to help users get easy-to-understand answers about their tech-related questions and problems. Other than for the aforementioned reason, we will never ever collect or distribute user data to third parties.

Title guide:

‘Samzec’ is the service provider ( Also referred to as, ‘service provider’, ‘provider’, ‘our’, and ‘our platform’.

‘User’ is anyone who accesses the Samzec website to use the free provider’s free services. Also referred to as ‘you’ and ‘your’.

What information do we collect?

Disclaimer: We only collect the later mentioned user data with the sole purpose of providing a better user experience. 

  • When a user accesses the Samzec website, their IP address might be collected by our google search console. We use this data only to know where in the world, our content has been read. 
  •  When a user subscribes to our newsletter, we collect your email address to send you our latest posts. Rest assured, we will not share it with third parties, whatsoever. 

Apart from the two aforementioned types of data, we do not collect any other sort.


We are not a business but a learning platform and we do not use trackers on our website.


We use only necessary cookies that are responsible for the proper functioning of the Samzec website. These cookies will be deleted once you close the browser.

User Data Protection:

Our website is protected with a secure sockets layer (SSL) and it is updated regularly to tackle the latest security-breaching tactics. It means that your data will remain 100% safe when you enter it on our website.

User Inclusivity:

The Samzec inspiration dictates that technology is for all of us and we have to make the best use of it in collaboration. Therefore, we’d love to answer your queries or concerns about your right to privacy on our platform.