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Conditions of Use:

Our sole purpose is to make technology news, information, reviews, recommendations, and how-to guides available for everyone, free of cost. To execute our mission, we allow users to access Samzec on the following conditions.

Intellectual Property:

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We want this community to learn and grow by sharing knowledge and experiences. That is the objective of Samzec and should be conducted as such.

Privacy Policy:

The users reserve their right to privacy. We use the latest online data protection techniques and your data is completely safe while you are on the Samzec website. Read our privacy policy to learn more.

Service termination:

Samzec reserves the right to terminate its services to a user at any time, without any notice. However, it must be noted that such measures are taken in the case of non-compliance with the community terms and conditions.

User Inclusivity:

The Samzec inspiration dictates that technology is for all of us and we have to make the best use of it in collaboration. Therefore, we’d love to answer your queries or concerns about your right to privacy on our platform.

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